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Cutting with Oxygen

Flame cutting, also known as oxygen cutting, is a thermal process that uses a combination of oxygen and propylene to produce enough energy to melt and pierce material up to 6 inches thick. Flame cutting is faster and more cost-effective than other mechanical cutting methods.

Flame cutting is an excellent option for materials that are too thick to cut. Our flame table has an impressive surface area of 10' x 30' and can cut curves, arcs, circles and other patterns in materials up to 6" thick. With a cutting speed of up to 500 inches per minute, your project will be processed efficiently and with a high quality cutting edge to DXF and DWG files Our accepting nesting software provides more accurate quoting and significant cost savings.

Our Capabilities



AR200, AR400, T1, A36 (Hot Rolled and Pickled and Oiled), GR50, 1018 Cold Rolled, A588/A606


1-1/4" to 6,000"

Standard Tolerance

+/- 0.250"

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