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Aluminum Sheet Cutting

With a continued focus on the use of lightweight materials across many industries, metal fabricators are more interested than ever in learning the best methods for processing aluminum. Our circular saw can machine aluminum up to 12 inches thick at a constant speed and feed rate that other saws are not capable of. Plus, our aluminum sheet saw creates a clean surface, meaning serious savings can be achieved by eliminating a secondary finishing process.

Coremark Metals has one of the largest non-ferrous plate saws in the Midwest with the ability to cut alloys up to 12 inches thick. Our CNC control system allows for fully programmable cutting, while the carbide blades provide tight tolerances with clean finished edges. The plate saw can be used to machine production bar cuts to save both time and cost over a conventional band saw.

Our Capabilities



2024, 5052, 5086, 6061, 7075,

Cast Aluminum


0.125" to 12,000"

Standard Tolerance

-0 +0.125"

Additional Tolerance


-0 +0.063"
-0 +0.032"

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