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Tube Laser Cutting

Rastahl continues to expand its machining capabilities to ensure an efficient and cost-effective result for our customers. We are excited to announce that our facility is now equipped with Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 150 4kW CO2 and Mazak FT-150 3kW Fiber tube laser cutting machines, eliminating the need for secondary processing. Using the latest technology, these machines can cut, notch, bevel, etch, add holes and complete complex designs in one continuous step. Our team of experienced forecasters and account managers are ready to help from start to finish to ensure a timely and high-quality result every time; Plus, we can ship your completed components directly to your dock or door.

We leave our mark with this! This versatile, all-in-one metalworking service is perfect for custom parts or large production runs. Tube laser cutting eliminates the need for secondary machining, resulting in shorter lead times and lower production costs. Equipped with 3D cutting heads, 4 material chucks, 6 axis programming and 16 controlled axes, our machines can perform precision cutting, notching, scraping, chamfering, drilling and tapping on round, square and rectangular pipe or tubing. as well as angles, channels and beams. With automatic loading/unloading, measuring, weld seam detection and profile centering functions, you can expect precise results for your most complex parts. We accept DWG (3D), DXF, IGS, IPT, STEP and PDF print files, also our nesting software provides accurate quotation,

Our Capabilities



5052, 5086, 6061, 6063

Stainless steel

304/304L, 316/316L, 409, 420, 430


A36 (Hot Rolled & P&O), A588/A606, GR50, 1018 Cold Rolled, Galvanized 

Brass & Copper

360 Brass, 110 Copper 


Max Thickness Mild Steel: 0.75"
Max Cut Size Square Tubes: 0.79" - 6.00"
Max Cut Size Round Tubes: 0.79" - 6.00"
Max Material Length: 26'


18ga - 3/8"
Standard Length Tolerance
 +/- 0.030"
Standard Hole Tolerance
+/- 0.015"
+/- 360 degrees
B Axis
+/- 135 degrees

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