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Seamless Steel Pipes

They do not have a junction point on them. These pipes, produced by cold drawing method, are more resistant to high pressures than welded pipes. It is more expensive in terms of cost. But it is much more economical in the long run. It is used in heavy industries due to its thickness and durability. The most demanded reason for seamless pipes is the pressure factor. It is preferred because of its strength, corrosion resistance and durability. It is generally used in the chemical industry, ship industry, leather industry and machinery industry.


The production of our pipes, also known as boiler pipe, steam pipe, high temperature pipe and high pressure pipe, is made in accordance with the sectoral standards and quality requirements demanded by our customers. It can be used as an alternative to drawn steel pipes.

Boiler Pipes


Oil and Natural Gas Line Pipes

They are Grade A and Grade B quality steels targeted pipes, in accordance with API, ASTM and ASME standards, with welded ends or with systems-couplings in accordance with API 5B standard.


Drilling and TIJ Pipes

Rods, casings and tubing pipes used for underground oil, natural gas, hot water and steam to be reached and brought to the surface by drilling are produced according to API standard. Pipes that can work underground for many years due to their superior material quality and production techniques are used in all sectors related to energy generation. 

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pipes


In hydraulic units, they are the elements that carry the fluid or air from the tanks to the receivers and from the receivers back to the tank. They are manufactured from high pressure resistant cold drawn seamless steel drawn pipes in EN 10305-4 E235+N ( St37-4 NBK ) or E355+N (St 52 NBK) quality standards. 


Special Drawn Pipes

Our company can produce all kinds of complex fracture surface combinations for thick and thin precision shaped steel pipe, internal and external straight thread, spiral thread pipes, hexagonal steel pipe, octagonal steel pipe, square and rectangular steel pipe, oval pipe. longitudinal diameter with steel pipe of different wall thickness size.

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